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Theatrical Trailer - Vhari & George // 20th June 2015


This wedding was just so much fun to be part of. Classy surroundings, friendly people and helpful vendors. It was a lovely experience being involved throughout the planning stages and we think it really helped the film. Vhari was adamant that she wanted a film to capture the day whereas George....not so much. The concern was that it would be too much of a production and that perhaps the guests would find it too much. So we came up with a plan and scaled down our team a little from normal and all things went ahead perfectly - in the end, George shook our hands and said, "I honestly didn't know you were here and you weren't a problem at all!" Coming from George that's a huge compliment. ;)

Kenwood ( were great hosts, despite a slight misunderstanding regarding where we could stow our gear, and made for a smashing venue to film - we just wish they'd have let us bring Echo Alfa along to get some aerial shots! We also got work with Claire Lau ( who was so easy to shoot with and we bounced off each other creatively too. The team at Payne and Gunter (, who basically looked after all the logistics and then served the most delicious meal EVER, were awesome! Additionally, it was possible the best PA feed we ever had to work with provided by the excellent Event Concept ( who also made the Old Kitchen look luminescent when the party got started.